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International Non-Olympic Committee

The International Non-Olympic Committee(INOC) is a Second Largest Sports Organization which gives support to all sports from all over the world.

International Non-Olympic University

The INOU is worlds most credential online educational platform and its own kind of University to make its presence in every country by giving National Non-Olympic University (Its Kind of First Chain of Universities in the World) to make the learning ever easiest for the Working Professionals, Sports Personnel, and Research Scholars etc.

World Council for Regular and Distance Education

The World Council for Regular and Distance Education (WCRDE) is the non-profit international membership organization for the regular, open and distance education community, and is open to all educational institutions, educational universities, educational authorities, and individuals.

International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum

The INPPRF is the only International movement and came into forced to support the Nobel Foundation and it's Committees worldwide as well as all World Peace Movements/Intrenational Sports Organizations.


SPMUDA International is a registered non-profit, non stock and non partisan NGO for peace, unity and development. It has branches all over (193) countries represented by its volunteer Goodwill Ambassadors to link and collaborate understanding, friendship and cooperation on matters of mutual interest for the welfare and benefit of the poor and the needy.

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