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International Valari Federation (IVF)

On behalf of the International Valari Federation (IVF), I would like to extend my thanks for your invaluable and continuous support for the safeguarding and promotion of Valari sports and games.

The IVF leadership has been working very hard to Spread Traditional sport Valari, many more events in its calendar and three national events are completed successfully and moving towarded 4th National Event. Furthermore, IVF is working on opening offices and training resources in various countries as this will give IVF the opportunity to promote better Valari sports throughout Nations..IVF has many oppurtunity to development Valari sport and further we have plan to expansion of the Valari sport. IVF is to continue promoting Valari as skill sports with Governments all around the world. I would like to express my heartfelt gratefulness to every supporter in the development process of IVF. Read More

Dr.Thiyagu Nagaraj., M.Com.,Ph.D

International Valari Federation (IVF)


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International Valari Federation (IVF)

Valari Evaluation


  • 01
    300 BCE to 300 CE

    Sangam literature-Purananuru

  • 02
    233rd Poem Declaration

    Purananuru 233rd Poem says about Valari Presence

  • 03
    Valari devised in Tamilnadu

    300 BCE to 300 CE - Valari used by Tamil Kings

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    100+ Formats of Valari

    Valari is God Owned Sport in India.

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