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It is an absolute pleasure to welcome you to Noble Book of World Records as we start our third year of publication with the partner of Non-Olympic Times. This year conveys about changes, as our International Non-Olympic Committee (INOC) visionary, has advanced and together with new publication model has been adopted in Noble World Records. I appreciate and encourage all record holders to publish their articles in the reputed brand.

Dr. Mohammad Seraj ANSARI
Editor-in-Chief, Noble Book of World Records
Global President-World Economic Forum For Asia-Africa-WEFAA
Global President, Indo-OIC Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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  • What are the benefits of NOBLE WORLD RECORDS?
    The NOBLE WORLD RECORDS & its publication NOBLE BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS is a highly respected publication consulting firm. We help you attract, retain, and motivate the key talent necessary for success of each public. Please click here to review NOBLE WORLD RECORDS & its benefits.
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  • What makes a NOBLE WORLD RECORDS title?
    Noble World Records is to encourage & assist young people talents with extraordinary performance which is documenting human and natural world records through Noble Book of World Records and NWR follow strict policies and maintain with high values.Noble World Records title should accomplish the following principles. NWR Title should be: AssessableEvery record should be Assessable. We will not accept nominations based on the subjective variables. For example – gender, beauty, sympathy, etc., BreakableEvery record should be broken and it is open challenge ,Obtaining Rules - Every record holder should follow the rules set by Noble World Records & its team, ProvableEvery record should be demonstrated and there should be perfect proof exist to demonstrate, Extraordinary PerformanceEvery record should be exceptional and Assessable & Global RecognitionEvery record should be globally accepted and new concept for Noble World Records to challenge globally.

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